Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of elected members who help support in the governance of our School.

Board of Trustees Members 2019 - 2022

Paul Matthews: (Chairperson. Strategic Partnerships Portfolio)
Shane Robinson:
Chris Cowman: (Staff Representative)
Kaylee Gibbs:
(Finance Portfolio)
Lizzie Briscoe
Wayne Church (Policy Portfolio)
Megan Hurley
Julie McDonald

If you would like to contact the Board of Trustees please email:

Postal address:
Board Secretary
137 Dowse Drive
Lower Hutt 5010

Meetings for 2021 are:

24 February
31 March
19 May
23 June
18 August
22 September
1 November
15 December

The next triennial school board election will be in September 2022.