Enrolment Zone

Maungaraki School has an enrolment scheme in place. Under this scheme, new students living within the home zone are entitled to enrol in the school at any time.

For further information contact the school office on 04 569 7205 or by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Streets are included in the Zone?

All streets which exit off the named streets are included (NOT MIROMIRO ROAD)
The zone includes all of Dowse Drive and Oakleigh Street and continues south down Dowse Drive to include
Banksia Grove, Cypress Drive and all streets which exit off it. Continue south down Cypress Drive, Cedar Street and Mulberry Streets.
The zone also includes Chestnut Grove and all streets which exit off it.
The zone then turns south to the intersection of State Highway 2 and Dowse Drive and continues north to Acacia Avenue (all of Acacia Avenue and the streets which exit are included).
The zone continues north along Protea Street, then west along Maungaraki Road to a line perpendicular to and including 107 Maungaraki Road (Jasmine Grove is included).
The zone continues east along Maungaraki Road and continues along Oakleigh Street till it intersects with Dowse Drive.

Here are the maps of our zoned area:


Q. If I live within the School Zone are my children entitled to attend Maungaraki School?

A. Yes, you are entitled by right to attend Maungaraki School. The Ministry has assured us that they will provide additional funding to build as many classrooms as necessary. Unfortunately the funding will not be available until we have the enrolments, so the school will have a period when all rooms are in use and inside space will be at a premium. Your children do not have to attend Maungaraki School.

Q. If I have a child attending Maungaraki School and we move out of Zone, can my child remain at Maungaraki School?

A. Yes, your child may remain at Maungaraki School. Siblings do not have an automatic right of attending our school. At this stage it is unclear if we will be in a position to accept enrolments of siblings.


Shane Robinson
Principal, on behalf of The Board of Trustees