How Can I help?





All Parents or Caregivers of a Child at Maungaraki School and Staff of Maungaraki School are eligible to be members of Home and School and are entitled to fully participate in meetings.

We are always seeking more people for involvement in Home and School activities. All levels of commitment are welcome. It is not a requirement to attend meetings to have involvement in Home and School activities and responsibilities.


As a decile 10 school we receive less money from the Ministry of Education as it is expected that we provide the money through school donations and fundraising. The role of Home and School is to bridge this gap by financially supporting extra school resources to benefit the development of our children.

There are many ways you can help us achieve this:


We are always keen on new members to join the committee. We meet twice a term on Monday nights at 7.30 in the Staffroom.


We run regular fundraisers  and school community events through out the year, (discos, fish and chip lunches, family fun nights) and always need volunteers to help us out on the day. Please let us know if you would like to be on a volunteer list, or contact us when an event arises if you can help.


On occasion, we have need of specialist advice or help from special volunteers for one-off assistance projects, or to join the team on a longer-term basis. Attendance at committee meetings is optional.

If you have any very specific skills, we would love to hear from you!


Support your children by supporting our fundraising initiatives. The money raised goes directly to our school.


Attend the community events we run. A strong community spirit shows the children we are interested in their education.


If you have any ideas for future fundraisers or community events, we would love to hear them.