School Procedures of Interest for Families

Documentation listed below may be of interest to families.


Parent Feedback Survey - Summarised Report from December 2015 Survey


Bullying Prevention and Response Guidelines


Concerns / Complaints Guidelines for Parents


Reunification Plan


1-1 Device Report

At our last meeting the BOT reviewed the 1:1 device 12 month success measures report.  This covered a wide variety of measures and included feedback from parents, students and teachers.  It also compared 2015 mid year data with 2014 mid year data.  While we are disappointed in the less than expected rise in student achievement data, we acknowledge that mid year results do not provide the full picture and, because of the nature of assessments used at this time of the year, do not always provide a direct ‘apples with apples’ comparison.  We look forward to being able to analyse National Standards shifts in progress at the end of this year to give us a true indication of the impact of this initiative to date.  
The BoT and teaching staff remain committed to the use of 1:1 devices as an educational tool within the school and will continue to monitor progress on a regular basis to ensure student achievement meets expected targets.  We are pleased with the progress of the initiative in other areas, and appreciate the honest feedback of those who have contributed.  There are a number of celebrations and next steps for us identified in the report.  You can find the full copy of the report here