Board of Trustees Members

Paul Matthews: Chairperson. Portfolio: Strategic Partnerships

Email address: paul@paulmatthews.co.nz

Qualifications: Executive MBA, Bachelor of Science, Chartered IT Professional NZ

Employment: Chief Executive at Institute of IT Professionals NZ Inc

Family: I am married to long-suffering Lisa, who is also involved in school activities through the Home and School Committee. We have three girls including Erin (Year 4 at Maungaraki), Annah (Year 1) and Rowan (up at the Kindy) and have been settled in Maungaraki for around 8 years, less a short stint in Whitby.

Background: I have a technology, management and entrepreneurial background. I originally sprang from down south where I founded and built the largest locally-owned general IT company in Dunedin before moving "up north" 8 years ago, to take on my current role running the professional body for those working in IT in New Zealand.

I chair or sit on several commercial and not-for-profit boards at local and national levels and have overseen a number of sector-changing projects in the technology and education areas (for example, chairing the NZQA/IITP steering group reviewing, and subsequent replacing, all sub-degree IT-related qualifications in New Zealand, and the government's Digital Technologies Expert Panel which reformed the Digital Technologies curriculum at secondary school level).

Interests: What time I have left after a young family, a demanding role, and a number of other appointments is spent tramping and hiking through our incredible bush and back-country.

Why did I stand: I think it's the responsibility of everyone in a community to contribute in whatever way they can to their community and school. I have good experience in education and governance and believe I can make a positive contribution by serving on the Maungaraki School Board of Trustees. I want to see our school succeed and along with the rest of the team, will pull out all stops to ensure that happens.


Phil Belcher: Home and School Portfolio & Deputy Chair

Email Address:  phil.jen@xtra.co.nz

Qualifications:  Diploma of Business, Diploma of Management, 9 years parenting.

Employment:  Product Manager at MAS (not Maungaraki Auto Services)

Family:  I am blessed to be married to Jenny whose middle name should be tolerant, and have three beautiful children, Josh (9), in year five, Lauren (6) in year one, Luke (6) also in year one.  And of course Blue-Blue (4) our pet budgie.

Interests:  I love golf but my last game was about 9 years ago; you may be able to figure out why.  Current interests include family and in those few spare moments, playing a bit of business house tennis and taking my mountain bike into the Belmont Regional Park.  I also enjoy the tranquility of mowing my lawns and pottering in the garden.

Reason for standing:  School is playing an increasingly important role in preparing our young people for all that lies ahead of them in life.  With the education system presenting us with a challenging environment of continual change and tightly managed resources, increasing levels of ownership, management and accountability are being passed to Schools.

Being a member of the Board of Trustees provides me with the opportunity, and great privledge, to help guide the school through these challenges while maintaining an eye to the future.  I am passionate about providing the best possible environment and opportunities for all Maungaraki School children to be challenged, to excel and to develop.


Shane Robinson: Principal

Email Address:  principal@maungarakischool.net



Chris Cowman: Staff Representative

Email address:  chris.cowman@maungarakischool.net

Employment: Teacher in the Lab at Maungaraki School

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce & Administration, Bachelor of Tourism, Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary)

Family: I am married to Annmarie, we have a young son Fraser and spoilt tabby cat Mocha.

Interests: I am sports mad and love watching and playing sport, particularly football, cricket & golf, much to my wife's frustration!  I'm a loyal Arsenal supporter and enjoy the friendly chats with the Maungaraki kids that also love football.  I also enjoy creative cooking and travelling, but the little guy has currently put the brakes on these for a while.

Reason for standing: I enjoy being part of the Maungaraki community.  I feel passionate about helping the students of Maungaraki School succeed through creating a positive, engaging and fun learning environment that fosters progress and achievement.  The staff of Maungaraki are pivotal to student success and I am committed to ensure their views are considered.  I am enthusiatic and motivated to make a difference for Maungaraki students


Kaylee Gibbs: Finance Portfolio

Email address:  kayleenz@hotmail.com

Qualifications: Diploma of Business studies (Finance Major), Post graduate Dip Business Administration, endorsed in Marketing.

Family: I am married to Simon and have two children, Jacob in Year 4 and Hannah in Year 1 at Maungaraki School.

Interests:  We have been on the hill for 7 years now and I love the community here!  As well as family life, I love the outdoors, especially our local bushwalks, and am one of the Benedict's café team .  I enjoy having the opportunity to  connect with the wider community and the team through their mission there.  I am also a member of the local Baptist Community Church.

Reason for standing: I value the opportunity to contribute my skills and experience in helping to make our school the best for our children to equip them with a great start in life.  Student achievement and our children's strong emotional and physical development is a high priority.  One of the areas of significant experience I bring to the Board of Trustees is in the area of Finance and Organisational Development.  It is as a privilege to partner with the school as a parent and a proud member of the Maungaraki community.


Newton King: Visual Representation of the Charter

Email address:  newton@newtonkingcreative.com


Sam Dungey: Policy

Email Address:  samdungey@me.com

Employment:  General Manager, Ocean Design Group. This is a Wellington based creative agency of 18 folk dedicated to solving problems with design thinking.

Qualifications: Absolutely no formally recognised qualification. I would like to think it has not held me back from being successful in life. Nearly 20 years spent developing my skill set has allowed me to embrace learning for life.

Family:  We have two children, Holly and Rosie who both attend Maungaraki School. My wife Cath moved here for opportunities the Wellington region could offer. The decision to raise our children in the Maungaraki hills was driven by the desire to have them grow up in a community that will give them a stable environment to thrive from.

Interests:  Varied and wide, they have changed over the years adapting to what works best for my family. Many of my more extreme interests have been parked. Currently an avid runner and cyclist. Recently I have become an instructor at a local Karate club and are thoroughly enjoying mentoring and teaching again in my spare time. My more passive interests revolve around trying to grow the widest variety of food on our property, always challenging!

Reason for standing:  This point in children’s learning is pivotal. They develop the social and learning skills that set them up for life. I want to contribute in the best way that I can to the overall effort, being part of the Maungaraki School Board of Trustees is how I feel I can make that contribution. Helping the community create a school environment to give our children the base that will set them up for life.