Our People

Hazel ANDIS: Teacher

Mrs Andis is in room 10 and teaches year 5 & 6 students.
She is also the Team Leader of our Senior School.

Email address:  hazel.andis@maungarakischool.net



Valerie ARCHER: Teacher

Miss Archer is in Room 1 and teaches year 2 students. 

Email address: valerie.archer@maungarakischool.net



Leanne BALLANTYNE: Teacher Aide


Helen BILLINGHAM: Teacher Aide


Sarah CAPPLEMAN: Teacher

Miss Cappleman is in room 3 and teaches year 7 & 8 students.

Email: sarah.cappleman@maungarakischool.net


Trish CHERRY, Teacher

Miss Cherry is in room 7 and teaches our New Entrant / year 1 students. 
She is our Junior School Team Leader.

Email address:  trish.cherry@maungarakischool.net



Chris COWMAN: Teacher

Mr Cowman is in room 14 and teaches year 3 & 4 students.
He is our Middle School Team Leader.

Email address:  chris.cowman@maungarakischool.net



Jules DAL VESCO: Teacher Aide & Librarian


Lauren FOX: Part time Teacher

Mrs Fox is a classroom release teacher supporting our year 7 & 8 students 

Email address:  lauren.fox@maungarakischool.net


MaryAnn HAINSWORTH: Teacher Aide


Barbara HATTON: Teacher Aide


Moira HOOPER: Part Time Teacher

Moira supports numerous classrooms within the school.

Moria's email address is:  moira.hooper@maungarakischool.net


Cedar KOOREY: Teacher

Mrs Koory will return at the end of 2020

Email adress: cedar.koorey@maungarakischool.net


Jennifer LONG: Teacher

Mrs Long is in room 8 teaching New Entrant students who start during 2020.

Email address:  jennifer.long@maungarakischool.net



Kayleigh MACLEAN: Teacher

Miss Maclean is in room 11 and teaches year 5 & 6 students.

Email address: kayleigh.maclean@maungarakischool.net


Kirsty MAY: PA to the Principal

Kirsty works in our school office.

Email address:  office@maungarakischool.net


Chris MCCULLOUGH: Teacher

Mr McC will be working in all classrooms accross the school in 2020.

Email address:  chris.mccullough@maungarakischool.net 




Colleen MOFFAT: Teacher Aide


Brian PECK: Caretaker

Brian is our part time caretaker.  

Brian's email address is:  brian.peck@maungarakischool.net



Mrs Pollard-Smith is in room 12 and teaches year 3 & 4 students.

Email address:  alle.pollard@maungarakischool.net



Tania POTAKA: Office Manager & Bursar

Tania works in the school office

Email address: tania.potaka@maungarakischool.net


Nicola PRICHARD: Teacher

Mrs Prichard is in room 14 and teaches year 3 & 4 students. 

Email: nicola.prichard@maungarakischool.net



Rebecca RENFREW: Teacher

Mrs Refrew is in room 6 and teaches year 1 students.

Email address:  rebecca.renfrew@maungarakischool.net 


Shane ROBINSON, Principal

Shane is the Maungaraki School Principal.

Email address:  principal@maungarakischool.net


Simon RODWELL: Teacher Aide


Stephanie ROSS: Teacher

Miss Ross is in room 4 and teaches year 7 & 8 students.

Email address: stephanie.ross@maungarakischool.net


Diane SCHENKEL: Teacher Aide


Michaela SCHAUER: Teacher Aide


Darian SCHULZ: Deputy Principal

Darian is our Deputy Principal working with Caro Wills. He also supports our ESOL, SENCO and ORS students

Email address:  darian.schulz@maungarakischool.net



Kate SHIRLEY: Teacher

Whaea Kate is in room 15 and teaches year 3 & 4 students. 

Email address: kate.shirley@maungarakischool.net



Kim WEBBY: Teacher

Mrs Webby is in room 9 and teaches year 5 & 6 students.

Email address: kim.webby@maungarakischool.net



Caro WILLS: Deputy Principal

Mrs Wills is one of our Deputy Principal working with Darian Schulz.  She also teaches year 7 & 8 students in room 3.

Email address: caro.wills@maungarakischool.net


Caeleen WOLMARANS: Teacher

Mrs Wolmarans is in room 2 and teaches year 2 students.

Email address: caeleen.wolmarans@maungarakischool.net


Ben YOUNG: Teacher

Mr Young is in room 5 and teaches year 7 & 8 students.
He is also the Team Leader of our Intermediate School.

Email: ben.young@maungarakischool.net


Tim Barnes: Caretaker